My name is Aleah. High fashion & sports, that's literally all I care about. I'm trash & a huge hater. Please reblog my selfies.



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Woman of the Match. Easily. 

Most. Under. Valued.

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Get It Shawty
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My bra size should be C-4 cause these are some bomb ass titties

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How to get out of saying the “L” word by Victory Brinker


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so like… do some of yall cope with having no personality in the real world?? a place that doesnt allow you to use reaction gifs…?

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Imagine Steven Anthony Lawrence asking for more playing time because he knows you’re at the game

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if plane tickets were ten dollars i would fight every one of my mutuals

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The ultimate dad joke compilation


Oscar de la Renta has passed away at the age of 82, but he will always be remembered through his work and legacy.

Oprah Winfrey and Oscar de la Renta, photographed by Mario Testino, Vogue, July 2010.

See his legendary designs in the pages of Vogue.

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Furry Details @ Marni Fall 2014 

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Legarrette Blount Is one yard shy of one fantasy point. The one fantasy point I need to tie my match up. I’m going to have a stroke

Please give legarrette Blount the ball please just ONE YARD

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